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Psychology of Sales

  • Understanding the mind of the buyer
  • Types of buyers
  • Buying process
  • Best time to approach a buyer
  • Keeping the buyer interested
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

Retail Sales or B2C Sales

  • Why customer’s buy
  • Understanding and Navigating a Key Account
  • The 7 Step Sales Process
  • Handling Objections Effectively
  • Close Sales like a Champion
  • Improve conversion ratio
  • Upselling and Cross – selling
  • Build a never – ending chain of buyers

Key Account Management or B2B Sales

  • Developing an Account Strategy
  • Understanding and Navigating a Key Account
  • Create a concrete plan to approach Large Accounts
  • Build relationship with key players in the Accounts
  • Value Selling
  • Understand the customer buying process
  • Retain customers for life
  • Improve conversion ratio

Sales Management Training

  • Sales Forecasting and Planning
  • Territory / Account Management
  • Monitoring Sales Activities
  • Coaching the team on the job
  • Review and provide Feedback
  • Managing Executive Time

Negotiation Skills Training

  • When and Why we should negotiate
  • Anatomy of a Negotiated Deal
  • Key tactics in a Negotiation
  • The tradeable currencies
  • How to retain Power throughout the process
  • Closing the deal effectively

Channel Management Training

Distributors, Modern Retail, Dealers, Channel Partners, Resellers, Retailers are the extended Sales and Service arms of an organisation from identification to recruitment to keeping them performing at the highest level are essential for the overall business success of the principal company.

  • Roles of a Channel Manager
  • Recruiting quality Channel Partners
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Channel Staff onboarding and Management
  • Business Monitoring and Review
  • Training and support