AKSH People Transformation started providing learning solutions on Jan 1, 2008.

Elevate your business journey with our transformative solutions. From empowering leaders and maximizing sales to unlocking individual potential through psychometric insights, we guide you toward excellence. Join us in shaping success, mastering sales, and fostering growth. Welcome to a future of achievement.

Our intent is to facilitate excellence at the workplace. AKSH helps organisations and individuals to discover their strengths and unleash their true potential.

We offer the following:

  • Learning solutions for working professionals

  • Skill inputs for young professionals who are preparing to launch their career

  • Coaching for SME business owners

  • Behavioural Skills Training for Working Professionals and Students

Aksh is the Sanskrit word for axis, the invisible, but significant, central presence around which objects revolve. The nature of talent is such – not seen, but felt - It is often latent, but can be discerned through the actions and behaviors of people and when applied can create significant transformation in the trajectory of organisations and in the lives of people.

Jayadev Menon


AKSH People Transformation is the realization of a dream – it is passion at work.

The constant endeavor of the founder is to facilitate learning and channel talent in the right direction in order to create significant positive outcomes. Aksh offers training, coaching and consulting services to organisations, institutions and individuals.

Jayadev Menon, who spearheads Aksh’s practice, spent 24 years working with some of the leading organisations in India before launching his boutique consultancy – during that period he worked in Business Acquisition, Customer Relations Management, General Management and Learning and Development functions. Since January 2008 AKSH has worked with MNCs, leading Indian organisations, MSMEs and some of the leading professional colleges to deliver training and consultancy services. Jayadev has rich experience not just in developing and delivering training but also managing the learning environment in the organization.


  • Classroom Training / Outbound Training / Online Training

  • Gamification / Roleplays / Simulation

  • Case Studies - text and video based

  • Trainer - led presentations

  • Story telling

  • Coaching

  • eLearning

  • Participant presentations

  • Post - training assignments

  • Blended Learning


To be the catalyst that helps entrepreneurs and professionals to identify and harness their competencies for the achievement of desired results.


Facilitating dynamic learning experiences and driving excellence with expert guidance in a constantly evolving World

Our Circle of Values

  • 1 -

    Customers Centric:

    Putting customers first, our commitment is to deliver exceptional service, tailored solutions, and a seamless experience for your satisfaction and success.

  • 2 -

    Integrity and Credibility:

    Built on integrity and credibility, our commitment to trust ensures transparent, reliable relationships, fostering confidence and loyalty in every interaction.

  • 3 -

    Results focused:

    Committed to delivering exceptional outcomes, our results-focused approach ensures success, providing tailored solutions that drive excellence and surpass expectations.

  • 4 -

    Creativity and Innovation:

    Fuel your journey with endless possibilities. Explore new horizons through our commitment to creativity and innovation, shaping a brighter future together.

  • 5 -

    Lifelong and evolving:

    Enduring and ever-growing: Embrace a lifelong journey of continuous improvement and evolution with our innovative solutions.

  • 6 -

    Execution Excellence:

    Unparalleled precision and proficiency in every task, showcasing our commitment to execution excellence at its finest.