AKSH People Transformation was founded by Jayadev Menon on January 1, 2008.

This boutique consultancy has been promoting excellence for well over a decade now. AKSH helps organizations and individuals to discover their strengths and unleash their true potential.

AKSH in Sanskrit means Axis, which is invisible but remains the significant central presence around which objects revolve. Talent too is of that nature – it can’t be seen, but is felt through the actions of people who possess it. AKSH helps individual’s hone and optimally use their talent. Organizational success and individual success are the direct result of convert of talent into result- oriented performance.

Jayadev Menon has been involved in talent development for over 20 out of the 37 years he spent as a business professional.

AKSH is privileged and proud to have been of help to talent in some of the best organisations not just in India, but in Maldives and the Sultanate of Oman too. We are privileged to have many well-known Indian organizations and MNCs among our customers.

AKSH has also provided training to students of over a dozen professional colleges and high schools in Kerala.

Our Philosophy

A lot of people are on the verge of break-throughs that lead to exemplary performance. They are being held back by fear, limiting beliefs, lack of direction and inaction.

We at Aksh believe that when people are made aware of their true worth and provided the right tool they can achieve great success.

AKSH interventions usually involves the following steps:

  • Understanding  of training needs
  • Pre-training assessment of participants
  • Development of content and methodology
  • Seeking approval from client on the proposed methods and contents
  • Training scheduling and delivery
  • Inclusion of Subject Matter Experts from Client organization or from domain to reinforce learning
  • Post training measurement of effectiveness