AKSH People Transformation is the realization of a dream – it is passion at work

The intention of the founder was to interact with people keeping learning and change for the better as the expected outcome. He had spent a significant period of time in his years with Corporate as a trainer and later heading the L & D function at the state and zonal level. He has rich experience not just in developing and delivering training but also managing the learning environment in the organization.

Aksh is the Sanskrit word for axis, which is an invisible but significant central presence around which objects move. Talent is such, invisible, and latent, but felt … off the lack of it if

The founder has been associated with talent development for over 18 of the 32 years he has been a business professional.

AKSH People Transformation’s credo is that the solutions to one’s queries and concerns lie within oneself. Therefore AKSH participates in the discovery process through insightful and thought-provoking inputs, which develop an individual from within.

AKSH participates in the entire learning process by understanding needs, creating and delivering solutions, providing knowledge and skill inputs, provide insights into one’s attitudes and ensure that the inputs provide effective solutions that will help meet the business / learning objectives

AKSH interventions usually involves the following steps:

  • Understanding  of training needs
  • Pre-training assessment of participants
  • Development of content and methodology
  • Seeking approval from client on the proposed methods and contents
  • Training scheduling and delivery
  • Inclusion of Subject Matter Experts from Client organization or from domain to reinforce learning
  • Post training measurement of effectiveness